Community Forestry project in Oddar Meanchey province

This project was implemented in 30 villages, 8 communes, 3 districts related about prepared 12 community forestry in Oddar Meanchey province, and these community forestry will have organizing agreement with Community Forestry Committees and Forestry Administrative in Siem Reap province that government had forestry authorities to community for management, at during March 2009. This project was integrated into Carbon Credit project in accordance with Climate Change mitigation and adaptation.

Project to Promote Forest Management for community Development (PPFMCD) and Carbon Credit Project (CP)

CDA and CFI is partnership for first community forestry prepared in Oddar Meanchey province, currently, CFI and CDA have recognized from councils ministry of Cambodia on Carbon Credit (Forestry Financing) at 56 villages, 9 Communes, 4 districts. But the land concession economic company has to destroying forestry resource in community forestry areas too.

Natural Resources Management and education (Children Supporting)

This project aim to help community forestry member about capacity building and help forestry children to school study at 16 villages, 3 communes, 2 districts in Oddar Meanchey province. This project have improved the knowledge to community forestry committee related communication, solve problem, written report, Concept development and others skill. This project has expanded more two years (Expected project 8-10 years) that focused on education and children, health, community forestry management and small scale enterprise.

Project to Improve Livelihood through Community Forestry Development

Three projects have been implementing at 52 villages 8 communes, 3 districts in Oddar Meanchey province that beneficiaries are 28766 person, as 8161 families . This project have goal is to promote the Community Forestry in climate change mitigation and improving biodiversity conservation and alternative livelihoods includes microfinance/Village Saving and Loan Association, Cow and Rice Bank, NTFPs cooperative and sanitation and hygiene on January 2006 to 31 December, 2010. However, this project will have improvement to the forestry resource protection at 12 community forestry in Oddar Meanchey province, and reduction the illegal activities at forestry areas, and advocacy with forestry and land management right by equal too.

Project help Indigenous People (IPs)

community and community forestry at 10 villages, Phav and Lomtong communes, Anlong Veng and Trapeang Prasath district .this project have improve the IPs have land management right by security and safety, and promote the IPs children scholarship for study at public school.

NGO Forum on Cambodia

the CDA is Steering Committees Member of Forestry Livelihood and Plantation Network of NGO Forum on Cambodia for help venerable group in Cambodia especial Oddar Meanchey province related of forestry and land issues, and advocacy for land and forestry rights venerable group to land concession economic company of a human right perspective, and bad impact to their livelihood, that to be have not study about Economic land/forestry Evaluation. CDA have promoted and supported to communities in Oddar Meanchey about land advocacy in Samrong, Banteay Ampil, and Anlong Veng district that cooperated with NGO Forum on Cambodia.

ZOA is partnership with CDA from 2005 for Organization Development project

this project has capacity building of project and financial management skills by transparency and accountability, and improved human resource staff development. This goal objective will have provided CDA to be NGO Good Practice so that true knowledge and skill for community development working together in Oddar Meanchey province. Currently funding from EU; ZOA have cooperated with local government in provincial level and Civil Society Organization level in Oddar Meanchey province for implementing the project; This project will be stared February, 2010 CDA have focused on 8 villages of 3 communes that focused on community forestry establishment and Participatory Land Use Planning.

Human Rights and Democratic Development through NRM in Oddar Meanchey (OMC) province a (HRDD) and the project of Economic Land Concessions Research.

This project has covered 16 villages of 2 communes of Samrong district. The project have focused on researching of negative impact of Economic Land Concessions (ELCs), building capacity of community forestry management committees (CFMC) and networking in OMC for advocacy to reclaim their land from ELCs and governments through Non-Violence Action and another part we have focused to provide the fund to CFMC or networking for operating to help marginalized communities that overlapped their land in ELCs boundary. The project have expanded more three years based on negotiated with NPA.